Scopes and Themes

The conference will focus on a broad range of topics related to tourism education, including (but not limited to):

Tourism and knowledge management

  • Careers and employment in tourism
  • Theoretical perspectives on tourism and education
  • History of tourism education and training
  • The application of research in tourism education
  • Linkage between educators and tourism business sector
  • International cooperation in tourism education
  • Educational mobilities: Mobile students and mobile knowledge
  • Life-long education
  • Internship and on-the-job training
  • Information technologies and tourism education

Tourism curricula, study programs and competences

  • Vocational versus academic education: bussines-oriented versus tourism studies
  • Educational balance between job-specific skills and broader conceputal knowledge: The idea of ’Philosophical practitioners’
  • Comprehensive approach to tourism education: multidisciplinarity, interdisciplinarity, postdisciplinarity
  • Global and local perspectives in the tourism curriculum
  • Design and delivery of discipline-oriented courses
  • Competence-specific courses in vocational and academic education
  • Foreign languages in tourism education
  • Digital competence in tourism education

Teaching, learning and assessment

  • What is taught and how it is taught: Meeting the needs of the travel and tourism sector?
  • Conflicting academic interests: Teaching versus research
  • Undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD education
  • Travel and learning: What students do and learn on study tours?
  • Experience with international students and academic staff
  • ‘Millennials’ (Generation Y) as the newest generation in higher tourism education
  • Quality assurance in tourism and hospitality education
  • Student perceptions of their education and a career in the tourism and hospitality industry
  • e-Learning
  • Best practices in tourism education

Important Dates

Important dates for Conference participants
    Paper submission by
    February 20th, 2016

BITCO 2016

You are welcome to submit your abstracts for the Conference.
BITCO 2016 Call for Papers in PDF format.

Contact Info

College of Tourism, Bulevar Zorana Djindjica 152a, Belgrade, Serbia