Anne Gregory:

Dear colleagues and since this weekend, my friends,

I feel compelled to email you to say how pleased and privileged I feel to have been invited to your wonderful conference. I learned so much about your industry, about Serbia and about Belgrade these last few days and I am so grateful for this opportunity. I will tell a new story about all these things which will be very different from my previous misconceptions.

Furthermore, the sheer professionalism you showed in organising this event was impressive beyond words. When I got home last night I was able to show your Proceedings, all the conference materials, so brilliantly branded and the wonderful icon you gave us all. I cannot tell you how moved I was to receive this last gift. It is stunning.

More than this, I have been overwhelmed with your warmth and hospitality, which went so far beyond anything I have experienced before. Thank you so much for all you did for us these last few days, I will not forget this incredible experience.

With respect and affection

Very best wishes


Richard Sharpley:

Dear All on the Organising Committee,

This is just to say a big THANK YOU to all of you for inviting me to speak at your conference and, in particular, for looking after me (and of course my fellow speakers) so well. As John Tribe mentioned, you provided us with 'total hospitality'! ... and personally I am hugely grateful for your kindness and generosity. It was a great pleasure to meet you all, and I must congratulate you on organising an excellent conference which I enjoyed enormously.

I would be more than happy to come back to Belgrade, whether for the next conference or as a visiting lecturer, and I would certainly hope we could explore the potential for some collaborate research - dark or otherwise!

In the meantime, again please accept my sincere thanks

With very best wishes


Dimitrios Buhalis:

Dear Milenko, Branko and Milan,

Just a quick word to say Hvala for your wonderful hospitality. As I said on my facebook we went through Collaborattion - friendship-brotherhood very quickly and this is so rare.

I very much appreciate all your guestures and look forward to collaborate and enjoy life with you in the future.

Best regards


Konstantinos Andriotis:

A short note to express my sincere thanks for your hospitality, attentiveness and kindness.

I thoroughly enjoyed my stay. Your attention to detail during the conference and making our stay unforgettable was above and beyond!

I hope to visit Belgrade again soon.

Keep in touch.

Konstantinos Andriotis
Professor in Tourism
Middlesex University Business School

John Heeley:

Dear all,

I can assure it will be a very fond memory and let’s hope we see each other again.

Best wishes form Sheffield.


John Tribe:

Dear Milan,

Many thanks for your kind email.

Of course I need to also express my deep thanks to you and you colleagues for inviting me to BITCO. I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed participating, learning more about your college and about Serbia and Belgrade.

Your hospitality was exceptional.

My visit to Belgrade will indeed have a special place in my memory and I look forward to future meetings / collaborations.

Best wishes,

More Impressions...

Vitor Ferreira

Dear Bitco’s,

Allow me to call you so.

Just arrived in Portugal, and I couldn’t miss the opportunity after the Conference to thank you and to congratulate you for the excellent organization and for the excellent reception provided to the delegates. It was a great time that, and you deserve the congratulations.

Let me also address a special thanks to Smiljka and Prof. Branislav, for the patience and support given, but also to the team that every day was going to get us with the transfers from the Hotel. Great job!

If you ever come to Portugal, please consider yourself invited to come to Coimbra, and I will try (hard job) to be a host, as you were.

Best regards,
Vitor Ferreira

Romana Lekić (personal note to B. Rabotić)

Dragi prijatelji bilo je krasno, puno hvala za doživljaj. Odlična organizacija, hrana super, odlični plenarni predavači i dobro izbalansiran izbor. Izvrsno da su bili uključeni studenti, to mi je najdraže.

Prijedlog za poboljšanje: povećati minutažu izlaganja sa 10 na barem 15 minuta i ostaviti prostor za diskusiju.

Kada budem mojima na faksu pokazala zbornik ima da sjednu na „rit“ (kako kažu Zagrepčani). Sve je bilo dobro odrađeno i prema van je izgledalo tekuće, s lakoćom i vrlo profesionalno ali ja znam koliki je ogroman posao i trud stajao iza toga i znam da bez tebe to ne bi išlo.

Budi ponosan i sretan jer to zaslužuješ.

Romana Lekić

Veli Erdinç (personal note to S. Štetić)

Dear Mrs. Snezana,

I am writing to you regarding BITCO. I would like to thank you for the warm hospitality you have shown us. My colleague and I really had a great time during the conference and our stay in your country.

Hope to see you again at next events.

Your Sincerely,
Assist. Prof. Veli Erdinç ÖREN, PhD
Uþak University, TURKEY

Vasile Surd (personal note to S. Štetić)

Dear Serbian Colleagues!

In the name of the team from "Babes-Bolyai" University, Faculty of Geography, who participated at BITCO 2014, I kindly thank you for your very skilled Conference, for your hospitality and friendship!

We not forget wonderful time spent in your company, in Belgrade, also!

Professor Emeritus
Dr. Vasile SURD

Jasenka Kranjčević

Poštovani kolegice i kolege,

najtoplije se zahvaljujemo na odličnoj organizaciji i zanimljivim predavanjima na BITCO konferenciji i nadamo se da ćemo i dalje surađivati.

U današnje vrijeme na našim prostorima stvarno je veliki uspjeh objaviti zbornik već na početku konferencije!

Želimo Vam puno uspjeha u daljnjem radu i da ćemo ostati u kontaktu.

S poštovanjem
dr Jasenka Kranjčević
Institut za turizam, Zagreb

Diana-Elena Alexandru & Vasile Zotic

Dear colleagues and friends,

We are very happy to have joined you at this scientific event you so gracefully organized. In the end, our aim is to know each other and share ideas, which is so hard to achieve on our own. Your congress was the perfect opportunity to meet each other and enrich our knowledge in the field of tourism theory and practice.

Thank you for your kindness and hospitality, we wish you a fruitful year and hope to see you again!

Best wishes,
Diana-Elena Alexandru, Lecturer, PhD
Vasile Zotic, Associate Prof., PhD
Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Manal Hossain

Dear all organizers,

This email is just to say THANK YOU for everyone who was part of this great job done through the conference. Thank you for your hospitality and kindness you have shown to everyone at the conference.

I really had a great time during the conference because of your attention to everything, even the tiny details, and I enjoyed my stay in your wonderful city as well.

I hope to be in Belgrade repeatedly whether at your next conferences or as a visitor to your great country.

Wish you all success

Best wishes,

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